Residents at Wood Glen Pavilion are cared for by doctors, nurses, and other skilled health professionals in many disciplines. Staff members look upon each Wood Glen resident as an individual, first and foremost. The staff not only respects the significant physical challenges that residents may face, but helps them meet these challenges effectively and with dignity.

Medical Director
Wood Glenís Medical Director directs and supervises all aspects of medical and nursing services and is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of care. The Medical Director is knowledgeable about each residentís unique needs and coordinates the individualized care provided by nurses and other members of Wood Glenís health care team.

Nursing Care
A nursing plan is developed for each resident, with licensed nursing professionals providing care around the clock. Residentsí special needs are assessed promptly by physicians who are on call 24 hours a day. To avoid inconvenience to residents, medical treatment is provided on site at Wood Glen whenever possible.

Rehabilitation and Restorative Care
Wood Glen Pavilion is dedicated to helping all residents achieve their maximum physical potential and, ideally, return to the independence of regular daily living. Rehabilitation and restorative care programs are described on the following page.

Additional Health Care Services
Physician specialists in ophthalmology (eye care) and physical medicine make routine visits to Wood Glen, as do dentists and podiatrists. Professionals specially trained in wound care are also available. Wood Glen also provides transportation for residents who require off-site physician visits or medical treatment.


Wood Glen Pavilion provides high-quality care and rehabilitation services for its residents, whatever the level of their needs. Because residents may find physical rehabilitation emotionally as well as physically challenging, Wood Glenís staff members are specially trained. In addition to technical skill, they possess the empathy and sensitivity that will help residents achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Rehabilitation Service
The Rehabilitation Service is designed for heart or stroke patients and others who require acute, intensive physical rehabilitation. In addition to physical therapists, Wood Glen professionals include occupational therapists who provide services in an on-site facility specially designed to reacquaint residents with the skills of personal care and daily living. Speech therapy and respiratory therapy services are also available.

Restorative Care Program
The Restorative Care Program is for residents who have completed acute rehabilitation therapy. In this program, residents are encouraged to maintain a maximum level of physical activity; the ultimate goal is to give residents renewed independence, including the ability to cook and shop and otherwise care for themselves. The program is directed by a nurse specially trained in rehabilitation medicine and staffed by rehabilitation aides.


Wood Glen Pavilion has special strengths in the care of patients with Alzheimerís disease and other memory-impairment disorders. The Quiescent Special Care Unit provides a safe, serene, structured environment where residents can enhance the quality of their daily lives. The unit has its own Medical Director and resident facilities, including a dining room and private areas for family visits.

The Special Care Team
After a residentís health care needs are assessed, care is provided by a team of nurses, social workers and psychosocial aides, and volunteers. The team meets regularly for staff training and to discuss and update each residentís plan of care.

Structured Activities for Residents
Residents participate in structured activities designed to meet their psychosocial, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Areas of emphasis include general orientation, sensory stimulation, task orientation, body mechanics, and social integration. Residents also participate in worship services, birthday and holiday parties, and other group special events. When necessary, therapeutic activity takes place at the residentís bedside.

Respite Care Program
With its expertise in caring for residents who need around-the-clock nursing care, the staff at Wood Glen Pavilion recognizes that caregivers may need care and respite for themselves as well. The Respite Care Program gives temporary residents at Wood Glen a home away from home while their caregivers take a break for business trips, family vacations, or other activities. Temporary residents have access to all of Wood Glenís facilities and services, including the Quiescent Special Care Unit if necessary.

Programs and Services for Caregivers
The families of all Wood Glen residents are invited to participate in the twice-monthly Caregiver Support Group, designed for family caregivers who face the challenges of caring for older adults. The group allows members to share information and coping skills and provide mutual support; it also provides a valuable opportunity for networking with other caregivers and health professionals. To supplement support group participation, caregivers have access to Wood Glenís lending library of reading materials that focus on their interests and needs for information.


Wood Glen Pavilion offers residents a rich and varied program of activities and special events, many of them designed to include family members of all ages. Activities are provided for all residents, whatever their physical limitations or level of care.

Excursions to local restaurants and shopping malls are scheduled regularly, and residents take frequent guided day trips to Chicago to attend the theater or visit museums and other city landmarks.

Special Events for Residents and Their Families
Wood Glenís lecture series for residents, their families, and guests includes a broad range of topics, from "How to Protect Your Retirement Assets" to "Aging: Sacred Work for the Future." The annual Grandparentsí Day Ice Cream Social is popular with residents, their families, and the staff.

Wood Glen is also a learning center for SeniorNet, a non-profit organization that gives older adults access to computers and educates them about the Internet. The goal of SeniorNet ( is to enhance the lives of seniors and give them an opportunity to share their knowledge and wisdom with the world. Residents and caregivers can become involved in SeniorNet as students or teachers.